The proceedings for the presentations and posters at Top2014 are available on the eConf site:

There is also a corresponding record in INSPIRE: which lists the URL of the eConf record.



Instructions for authors



Authors of presentations and posters at Top2014 are invited to contribute to the conference proceedings.

The proceedings of Top2014 will be published online on eCONF and HAL.


The contributed papers should have the following length (all pages included):
- up to 8 pages for keynote and summary talks
- up to 5 pages for regular talks (20 or 30 min)
- up to 4 pages for poster authors.

The proceedings should be prepared using the following latex template from the Institute of Physics (IOP) Journal of Physics, Conference Series (tar file with all files included, tex file, figure eps example, cls file, clo file, resulting pdf).

Once the paper is prepared (after internal reviews by experiments, if necessary), it must be submitted to the eprint arXiv server.

For first time users, general submission help can be found at the eprint arXiv site.

You will receive confirmation email upon every step of the process, and if you don't, it means you still have more to do. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the server with an eprint number in the form "arXiv/yymm.nnnn”.


After the paper is accepted by arXiv, please inform the organizers at the ( with the link to your arXiv paper.

The deadline for the proceedings submission is November 30th, 2014.


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